Why Organize? Organize To Life – Member Spotlight!

Why Organize? Organize To Life – Member Spotlight!

There are many known benefits of being organized. Having an organized home can save money, time and reduces stress.

Being organized has additional importance for seniors and their caretakers to consider.

Seniors may need to transition to a new living space, or even just situate their home better for the next
phase of their lives. Downsizing and decluttering are imperative to help them feel comfortable and confident in their living space. It’s also important that they are safe in their surroundings. This means clearing clutter off the floors, labeling items for storage and easy identification, and improving function of the home to accommodate limited physical abilities. Lowering or raising access to commonly used household items so anyone with limited physical abilities can still access what they need is something to consider when organizing for seniors.

Another need is to make sure important documents are all in one safe place.

Whether it be medical records, insurance policies, or a will/trust, getting paperwork organized is
important to assure family members will find them when needed. Preserving memorabilia is something that may want to be considered. Creating a legacy to pass on in photos is a priceless gift! Labeling your best photos, creating an album and digitally preserving photos or documents for future generations is an invaluable inheritance you could leave to your family! This is an option that some organizers can offer. Some difficult aspects of downsizing or decluttering can be made easier with the help of a professional organizer. Not only can they provide the physical aspect of the work, but can support clients with the emotional struggle that comes with having to part with sentimental items. It can also be helpful in diminishing potential conflicts between a caregiver and senior that might be at odds with how to reach the goal of getting their surroundings in order. A professional organizer can accommodate the unique needs of each person.

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